Massage Theraphy Practices


Massage therapists often have clients cancel their appointments without providing advance notice. This costs the therapist money through losing those bookings. Many therapists do their own reminder calls, but this is time consuming and you can’t always get your client on the phone. Appointment Reminder automatically makes massage therapy appointment reminders, by phone, email, and text message (SMS). Start your 30 day free trial today or Try a Sample Reminder.


Some massage therapy practices see as many as 20% of appointments canceled without notice. This costs revenue both directly (for the missed appointment) and indirectly (because the empty slot in the schedule cannot be refilled in time). Giving clients reminders shortly in advance of their appointment decreases no-shows and, when a cancellation is unavoidable, gives the therapist enough time to book an appointment with a different customer for the freed time.


Many appointment reminder systems for massage therapists require expensive hardware or software. Appointment Reminder does not: you use it through a regular computer reading a page on the Internet, just like you are right now. We take care of sending the phone reminders, text reminders, and email reminders on your behalf. Unlike traditional massage appointment software, we don’t install anything on your computer, so you can use the system from home, the office, and on the go with your laptop or iPad.


Just like you assist your clients to achieve a sense of mental balance, your business should also be a source of contentment to you. Missed appointments are like a knot in your back. Let us smooth them out for you: using Appointment Reminder will decrease the number of missed appointments and the stress associated with them, and also let you concentrate on the part of the business most rewarding to you: helping your clients.


Many scheduling systems have expensive, confusing pricing. Ours is simple: we tell you exactly what it costs right on the website, there are no hidden fees, and you won’t be pressured by any salesmen. Appointment Reminder is so affordable it will pay for itself with the first appointment it rescues. There is no installation or setup charge, and we offer both a 30 day free trial and a money-back guarantee. Take a look at our pricing.


No single massage modality is appropriate for all clients at all times, and no single contact method will reach everyone. Because Appointment Reminder lets you schedule email, SMS, and phone reminders through the same system, it maximizes the number of clients successfully reached. The software is also smart enough to be persistent about retrying without annoying your clients.