For a successful investment adviser, time is money. When a client suddenly cancels an appointment, it leaves the adviser with downtime that could have been productive if the adviser had been able to adjust his schedule in advance. Investment advisers rarely have time to handle their own reminder calls, and their assistants often have other tasks to handle, so that clients are often not reminded of appointments in time. Appointment Reminder is a perfect solution for busy investment advisers. It automatically contacts clients via phone, SMS (text message) and E-mail to remind them of appointments. Start your 30 day free trial today or Try a Sample Reminder.


When a client suddenly cancels an appointment with a busy investment adviser, it causes loss of revenue both from the client who missed that appointment and from not being able to fill that time slot with another appointment. The adviser rarely has time to engage in any productive activity during that now empty 45 or 60 minutes. When a client receives a reminder just before an appointment, cancellations are decreased. In the event the client must cancel, the investment adviser is now able to schedule another client meeting.


Appointment reminder systems for investment advisers often require special software or hardware that is expensive, uses system resources and is difficult to install. The online interface of Appointment Reminder means that investment advisers just send us information via a simple Internet page. We then send phone, text and E-mail reminders for you, according to your instructions.


You help your clients minimize the stress and pressure of managing their complex financial needs. The constant volatility of national and international financial markets means that you need to be on top of market conditions to know exactly how to help your clients get ahead. You do not need the distraction and stress of missed appointments that wreak havoc on your daily schedule. Appointment Reminder lets you keep your eye on your clients and their needs by minimizing missed appointments that distract you and cause needless inconvenience.


As an ethical investment provider, you pride yourself on providing a clear and understandable fee structure to your clients. We do the same for you – we have no hidden fees as we inform you exactly what Appointment Reminder costs right on the website. No installation or setup charge with a 30 day free trial and money-back guarantee means that Appointment Reminder is as stable and secure as the most reliable mutual fund that you offer to your clients.


Every client has different investment needs – and each client also has a favorite or most convenient way to be contacted. Since the easy to use Appointment Reminder system offers email, SMS, and phone reminders throigh the same interface, it maximizes the chance that you will reach your clients with a timely reminder. Appointment Reminder is persistent enough to get results, but never annoying to your valued clients.