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Your salon’s earnings are limited by the number of customers you’re able to serve. In today’s economy it can be difficult to keep your chairs filled, so when clients don’t show up for appointments it can really hurt your bottom line. Many salons simply continue to call their clients the day before an appointment is scheduled to confirm, but recent research has shown that this practice is not as effective as it once was. The preferred method of contact for most customers has shifted to electronic messages, including email and text messages.

Appointment Reminder is an easy-to-use software system that automatically reminds your customers about their appointments – by phone, email, and text message (SMS). This cutting-edge technology frees up your time to serve more customers, boosting your revenue. Start your 30 day free trial today or Try a Sample Reminder.


Appointment Reminder is a low cost but extremely efficient way to increase your hair salon’s productivity and profitability. When a client misses an appointment, not only do you end up with an empty chair for that time slot, but you’ve also missed the opportunity to call the clients on your waiting list to see if they can come in. By utilizing more than one reminder delivery method, your appointment reminder is more likely to reach your customer. It also improves the odds that a customer will call to reschedule if a cancellation is unavoidable. Research has shown that salons that started using electronic reminder services (email and SMS) experienced a reduction of missed appointments by nearly 90 percent!


Most appointment reminder software systems are designed to run on the newest computer systems. Appointment Reminder was designed to be accessible regardless of your computer platform. If your computer can access the internet, you can start using Appointment Reminder right now! This will also help you optimize your time – log in to Appointment Reminder from the salon, from home, or anywhere Wi-Fi service is available.


You put in a lot of hours at the salon to ensure your customers have a relaxing experience in your salon, and walk out with hair styles they love. What about your own experience? Dealing with missed appointments is a constant frustration, but it no longer needs to be. Appointment Reminder puts you in control of your calendar by ensuring your customers keep their appointments. This frees up your time to enjoy the work you love: making sure your customers look and feel beautiful.


We’re confident that Appointment Reminder is the best service for your salon, so we don’t charge setup fees or require long-term contracts. Our website tells you exactly what we’ll deliver, and we’re so sure you’ll love Appointment Reminder that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our reminder software free for 30 days and begin to experience the results for yourself.


No two people have the same hair, and no single reminder method will reach all your customers. That’s why Appointment Reminder lets you configure phone, email, and text message reminders in one easy-to-use online interface. If a message isn’t delivered, the software will retry at specified intervals without harassing your customer. Once you try Appointment Reminder, you’ll wish you found us sooner!