Although the work of an attorney is important, it seems that clients often manage to forget their appointments or only remember to cancel at the very last minute. As if attorneys are not already busy enough, a morning’s work can be lost after preparing for a client who doesn’t show up. Not only will this waste large amounts of an attorney’s day, but also takes away time that could be spent working on another case. While secretaries can make reminder calls, this can be hard to keep up with. Appointment Reminder is a service that automatically sends out attorney appointment reminders using a client’s phone, email, and text message. See how Appointment Reminder can help you by signing up today for a 30 day free trial.


While attorneys do have the right to bill clients for the time spent working on their case, it can be hard to reasonably charge them for a missed appointment. Rather than allowing a forgetful client to waste your time, money, and take up an empty slot which could have been used to schedule someone else, use Appointment Reminder to make sure they remember and are able to attend their appointment. In the case of a cancellation, Appointment Reminder will make it possible to have enough advanced notice that you can reschedule a paying client for that slot on your schedule.


While some appointment reminder systems require you to have costly hardware or software which needs to be installed by a professional, Appointment Reminder is different. All you need is an Internet browser — you put your appointment times and client contact information into the website, and we take care of the rest. The service will be in charge of sending out the phone, text, and email reminders without any additional hassle for you.


Being an attorney can be a stressful profession. Between long days spent studying legal papers and restless nights thinking over a case, no attorney needs the added stress of missed appointments. With Appointment Reminder, your number of missed appointments will be drastically decreased, letting you devote your mind to what really matters: your clients’ needs.


You read enough contracts already. Why decipher another one just to figure out what a reminder call will cost you? It costs exactly what the site says it costs, and you can probably pay for a month of service in one six minute increment of your time saved. There is no installation and setup is completely free. Before attorneys hand over any money, we are proud to give them a sample of our services with a 30 day free trial. If you do decide to let our services help you, Appointment Reminder is happy to offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.


At Appointment Reminder, we realize that no single message will be appropriate for all of an attorney’s clients, so we allow you to choose between scheduled email, text, or phone reminders all through our one system. The system is also smart: we stagger reminders across communication channels, so that after we have successfully reached a client, they aren’t aggravated by additional contacts. Our customers report that their clients are overjoyed to hear from us: one professional says “[They] wish everyone used this.”